Innovation Ç – The Beginning Of An Innovative Movement.

“Hi Andy, I’m Luuk Weber And I’m Organizing A TEDx Like Event At Landhuis Chobolobo.

Would You Like You To Be One Of The Speakers? 

And that’s how Innovation Ç started for me in 2018. My name is Andrew ‘Andy’ Kirchner, and I am one of the organizers behind Innovation Ç. You can give me any title you want, but it would not suit the passion I am transferring into this project or in life. For me, this is a dream that is coming true and a long-awaited opportunity. Not just for me, but for what I can do for my island, Curaçao.

First things first, let’s get back to the beginning of Innovation Ç in 2018.

Luuk Weber is the founder and initiator of the Innovation Ç platform. What started as an itch, soon became a more than respectable event at the Curaçao Liquor Distillery in December 2018. The classic Landhuis Chobolobo, where I spoke that night in December 2018, set the scene for an atmosphere that kept me wanting more.

I spoke about one of my favorite topics, Sustainable Thinking with Maarten Shakel as the host of the evening. A line-up of representatives from Profound (Boudino de Jong)Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao (Sabine Berendse) and IBIS Management (Germainne Gibbs), just to name a few, made me feel almost uncomfortable. Yet, I felt a new phase in my life was starting. We all spoke at a sold-out venue with our Prime Minister and various well-known leaders in our community as attendees. Luuk had made quite the impression and the tone was set for a sequel.

Although the well-received success, Luuk went back to the Netherlands to finish his studies, and I went back to my two passion projects 2nd Life Curaçao and The Recycled Pirate. Then Covid-19 happened and it brought Luuk to contact me again. This time for a Digital Conference and to bring some light during this troubling time. It didn’t take me long to say yes, get a presentation ready about the Eight Basic Guidelines for Self Mastery, and also volunteer to help him promote the event. We both wanted to bring more hope into a conversation that was weighted with a lot of devastation.

My business just hit the Covid-19 wall with no tourists on the island to sell my souvenirs to and no public events where I can speak at. Innovation Ç was an escape from my worries and an opportunity to make a difference, even if it was small. It was digital, so I could influence locals and people living abroad and keep my beloved island in the center of our attention. For me, there is no better way to live life than to help others shine and here was Luuk and Innovation Ç looking for a way to take our island and people, on a digital tour around the world and unite!

I believe we have so much talent on the island that we are spilling over and reaching to far corners of the world. We could never really realize how big our impact is because we seem so small and things never seem to change. However, there is not one person that I know on the island that only does their job. They all have a passion, a calling or just a hobby they like to share. I wanted to be a facilitator to give a platform to our broad talents without being limited by social distance. I believe it is time to socially connect in a way we haven’t done since the Second World War. This is the time when we can show, as a small nation, what we are capable of. We have professionals in every corner of the world that are our best ambassadors. We have so many intelligent passionate talented people on our Caribbean rock that we can export as our product, as our story, as our unique selling point; with my new partner in business, Luuk, as a beautiful young example.

With That Being Said…

From Curaçao To The World And From The World To Curaçao;

Welcome To Innovation Ç. 

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