a powerful reminder that talking is action

Being a speaker at Innovation C introduced me to the power of online networking. I am so appreciative of the platform and support provided by the founding team and its growing members to a community of ambitious, talented Curacaoans. It thought me the value of talking, networking and sharing with purpose. It reminded me of the power and magic of online communities. But most of all, giving a talk for Innovation C, showed me how sharing experiences and stories transforms talking into action.

Why is that important and of value to me?

Well, those who know me, know that one of my main philosophies when it comes to my work is “Less talk, more action”. For as long as I can remember, I have been frustrated whenever I would see plans and potential not coming to fruition because of lack of doing. Even more frustrating is witnessing people who dismiss and critique every initiative being taken, but not doing anything constructive about it themselves. It’s so easy to tell other people what they ‘should’ be doing instead. It’s much harder to roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself. In short, I am a huge advocate the less talk more action philosophy and encourage everyone around me to do the same.

Consequently, only speaking about my work sometimes feels as if I am doing the exact opposite of what I pressure my network to do. This feeling also arose as I was preparing my talk for Innovation C, too. Don’t get me wrong; I love talking about my work with other people. I get super excited and energetic (hyper almost) whenever I’m sharing my ideas and plans and dreams, and more and more so also my achievements with other people. Let’s be honest; we all enjoy talking about ourselves from time to time. So even though I immediately agreed to be one of the speakers, I was also a bit unsure about what my talk would or could tangibly contribute. 

That these uncertainties were unjustified became apparent almost as soon as our webinar started. Innovation C encouraged me to continue with the work I am doing, facilitated with making new connections and created opportunities to develop new methods and approaches. 

To elaborate quickly: For me, and I believe for many others as well, Innovation C came to further fruition at the perfect time. You see, I too was struggling a lot with the impact of the pandemic on my work. Specifically, it felt as if this crisis took away, or at least limited, my ability to ACT. Like everyone else, I had to become more innovative and creative with my actions, and it’s no secret that I was struggling this. While I was giving my talk, I noticed not only that I was inspiring the listeners, but also myself! Reading the responses and reactions of the listeners renewed my sense of purpose. More importantly, my professional network grew immensely within a matter of hours: new connections, new triggers, new alleys for creative innovation. Not only were these helping me, but was now in position also to help them, which is honestly all I want to do. After weeks of idleness and confusion, I finally felt I was back on track.

Speaking at Innovation C reminded me that, actually (or perhaps obviously), talking is action if you do it right – and for that, I am very grateful!

1. Note: that’s not to say that discussions and critical thinking are no longer required. However, there are countless cases where the solution is known and plans made, but implementation is lacking. I find this is exceptionally to be the case on Curaçao, as well as the other Dutch Caribbean islands.

Watch Stacey MacDonald’s presentation “Doing the work because we give a damn; Building bridges for the future of humanity” during Creative Mindset and Entrepreneurship in the recording below.

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