Let your thinks, be thanks

A month ago everything seemed ‘normal’. I just received my keys to start working at a new office, I was pushing and promoting my services, I visited the gym three times a week, visited a couple of ‘Happy Hours’ a month, and of course recharging my batteries at the beach was definitely a part of my weekly routine. 

Freedom. Yes. Everything seemed normal. 

The daily struggles were just daily struggles, no sophisticated issues. 

And then, the news of the spread of Covid-19 changed all global and local agendas. Panic. Uncertainties. The rush to make it in front of the TV at 11.30 AM to stay in touch with the latest COVID-19 updates on Curaçao. What about leaving the house to get groceries? During the lockdown period I have never been so excited to go to the supermarket to buy bread. Walking in a pharmacy aisle made me breathe again. Weird feeling, isn’t it?  Life can definitely change in a couple of seconds. 

The first weeks in quarantine made my mind work overtime. What should I do? How would I promote my services in this crisis? What if my business doesn’t make it? During this roller coaster of emotions, I had an interesting phone call with Andy Kirchner about Innovation Ç and the goals they wanted to achieve with this team. This phone call led me to two amazing things.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up, without even thinking, for an online presentation that was held a couple of days ago. Second, I was so impressed by the team behind Innovation Ç, the positivity and contagious energy, that I decided to join the content team. Little did I know that taking these steps would lead me to several reflection moments. 

When writing my presentation, I stood still to the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on since the moment I left the island in 2001 to pursue my career goals in The Netherlands. Homesickness, culture shock, change of studies, anxiety, all these elements had an important consequence on my growth. They were necessary to form the person I am today.  When I decided to come back to Curaçao in 2012, I faced different challenges in my career that were also part of my development. Today, I’m the proud owner of Dcommunicates!, a communication company that focuses on translations, creative writing and vlogging. I know, I still have a long way to go, but before starting to think and get anxious about the future, I would like to stand still to the present time. 

I am grateful for every single assignment. Whatever the hardships, COVID-19 teaches us all to be even more grateful. There are always things to be grateful for (even now), and gratitude reminds us how special, beautiful and fortunate our lives are, even under stressful or hazardous conditions. COVID-19 gave me the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend, meet new inspiring people and gave me the chance to join a positive movement. Let this all be a valuable lesson for all of us. 

Let your thinks, be thanks!   

Desi Dijkhuizen Innovation Ç

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