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Creative Mindset and Entrepreneurship was a virtual conference organized by Innovation C on April 9th, 2020, which focused on bringing individuals together to spark this thought of where we stand and where we want to go. I usually do not join online conferences but somehow, for some reason, I took the time to join this one. The timing was perfect as I have actually been thinking about where I am now and where I want to go. Even so, every day, I have been learning that I am exactly where I need to be but, of course, it never hurts to plan for the future. While doing so, I am still focusing on living in the present as unconsciously, the present is oftentimes spent on what we cannot control. This post will give you insight into a few of the topics that were discussed during the conference with a bit more detail and a little bit of my perspective. 

Lysandro Inacio, the founder of Spiritual Entrepreneurship, was the first to take the stage and discussed the spiritual aspect of entrepreneurship. I never associated entrepreneurship with spirituality. When I think of entrepreneurship, I think of business. Lysandro believes that entrepreneurship is about spirituality, knowledge, business, experience, and ideas. Additionally, the most important spiritual elements are courage and faith as it is very difficult or even impossible to become an entrepreneur without them. This makes sense to me as if I do not believe in myself and if I do not have the courage to move towards entrepreneurship then I will never really be an entrepreneur. Moreover, Lysandro spoke about fear, which is a feeling that so many of us have to deal with. Yet, what we often fail to realize is that fear is sometimes a reminder that we are going to do something that is not what we are used to, he states. That something goes beyond everything we have ever done. 

I often associate fear with the unknown, which in my case leads to anxiety. I find that courage and faith make the leap easier. At the same time, it is a journey of acceptance which sometimes takes time and that is okay. Lysandro states that with courage and faith, we can accept fear, acknowledge it, and take the leap. Oftentimes, just as we are about to leap, we tend to postpone it because we believe it is not the right time. On the contrary, it is an excuse to postpone entrepreneurship, which is not necessary as we have everything we need within ourselves to succeed, states Lysandro. So, just begin. It is time to see doubt and fear as an encouragement to grow.

Creative Mindset & Entrepreneurship Innovation Ç Innovationcur Digital Conference Curacao
From upper left to right:
Levi Silvanie, Lysandro Inacio, Stacey Mac Donald,
Andrew Kirchner, Luuk Weber and Erica Obersi.

This leads me to Levi Silvanie, an artist, writer, and a creative entrepreneur, who spoke about self-awareness and entrepreneurship. He realized that life is not about e.g. being a singer. It is about embracing who he is and using that to build his career. Levi can empower others by sharing his stories which is what has become his business. So, he is focusing on what he has instead of focusing on his limitations. I tend to see life not as finding who I am but, more so, finding who I am not. We are conditioned to seek everywhere when we want something except within ourselves. Moreover, we are too busy playing a role which we are not. That illusion of self that we have been feeding is what we are trying to maintain. We want ourselves and others to believe it. Yet, that illusion is not who we are. Additionally, we grow up seeking what we do not have to achieve success but, the funny thing is, we are everything we need, which is a concept that Levi supports one hundred percent. We have to focus on all that we are, everything we have, and everything we can do.
While focusing on ourselves, we should come together as one. Besides figuring out where we stand and where we want to go individually, we also need to think about where we stand and where we want to go collectively.

Stacey Mac Donald, an environmental psychologist, social environment consultant, and researcher, believes in people coming together to achieve a common goal; unity and collaboration simply fuel her. Her passion is our planet, which is currently hurting and the only way to save it is by working together. Stacey points out that so many people have solutions that are not put into practice because we are too busy blaming others. Instead, we have to work on ourselves and know what we can do individually for ourselves and humanity. This act will immediately contribute to the work we have to do collectively to benefit our planet. Our home is everything as, without it, we are nothing. So, as Stacey said, let’s start “building bridges for the future of humanity” and let’s “do the work because we give a damn”.

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