Innovation Ç partners with CITI to co-organize the Kickstart Innovathon

2020 has been a challenging year that uncovered multiple complex problems that can only be solved through collaboration and deep understanding. In our mission to create a better Curaçao we kindly invite you to become part of the solution by joining the upcoming digital Innovathon (Monday, August 10th to Friday, August 14th).

Kickstart 2020 is Curacao’s largest digital Innovathon powered by the Ministery of Economic Development of Curaçao and currated by CITI. The Innovathon aims to find novel solutions for complex challenges our island is facing.

5 priority themes  have been selected for the Innovathon teams to focus on:

We’re calling all creative thinkers, do-ers and researchers to join the Innovathon and help create functional solutions for the island’s complex challenges.

Innovathon Teams consist of 4-8 individuals, however, it’s also possible to register as a smaller group or solo. A total of 15 teams can participate in the Innovathon. Each team will be guided through the Innovathon stages by an experienced coach. At the end of the 4 days, each team will present their solution and judges will select the winners.

Innovation Ç contributes to the Innovathon by providing direct support to CITI and by providing resources to support the Innovathon participations. 

The digital format of the event opens up possibilities for individuals all over the world to participate in the Innovathon. We’re excited to announce that Innovation Ç will also form multiple Innovathon teams, in multiple time zones! If you want to receive updates about Innovation Ç or are interested to join one of our Innovathon teams, shoot us an email at

Ban duna di nos parti
p’e isla prosperá.
Laga nos uni forsa
p’asina triumfá.

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