The Future is Now | Digital Conference #10

The future is not coming. The future is right here.

Getting your business future proof is almost easy compared to future-proofing your personal life. Yet, the future is here, and we need to adapt and improve how we do our business and our day-to-day lifestyle.

How ready are we as a community for the changes this future brings? How can we help the ones that are less ready? And how can we define who is ready?

If we assist each other to become better citizens, better members of society and better caretakers of our well-being, maybe just maybe we can be future proof ready?

In “The future is now,” the tenth Digital Conference by Innovation Ç we’ll be looking on how we can prepare for the future after today. 

Join us Wednesday, 30th September in our renewed Digital Conference with Jurinella Whieskie from The Virtual Assessor and Sharon Lieuw-Sjong from The Future Proof Strategist.

If you have any questions or want to present in a digital conferences please reach out to

We look forward to your engagement in this digital conference!

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