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Digital Nomads: What do they say? Meet Guiselaine Capella

With Our Upcoming Mini Digital Conference: Digital Nomads; What Do They Say, We Approached Various Digital Nomads And Asked Them About Their Experience. This time Guiselaine Capella from our own Curaçao tells her story on how and why she became a Location Independent Work.

How I started as digital nomad

I always loved traveling, but I didn’t have enough vacation days when I was working for a boss. I thought that that was what always was going to be my problem, to little time to visit all the places I wanted in the world.

Fast-forward to August 2012 when I started my own company, part-time, as a side hustle next to my regular hours. It was a blessing starting for myself. I was full of ideas and energy, but still thought traveling for a long time wasn’t possible. In February 2013 I was on vacation in Cuba and met Marc, a French guy who was on a sabbatical, and Claudia an accomplished Italian law academic and her sister. I had long talks with all of them about traveling and what we wanted from life over cocktails and climbing a mountain. Back in the Netherlands I started researching long time traveling while working and kept contact with Claudia who inspired me to take the leap.

So half November 2013 I embarked on the journey called Digital Nomad and never left it. My first stop was Singapore and I loved it. So I never stopped being a Digital Nomad or like I call it, being a location independent entrepreneur. Most of my work can be done from anywhere. Since 2017 I chose to have a home in the Netherlands for convenience, and spend 2 to 3 months on my birth island Curaçao during the winters. The rest of the year I take shorter trips to other places or go for long trips and hikes. This year is different with COVID-19. I traveled mostly in The Netherlands and finished hiking the Pieterpad, a hiking route in the east of the Netherlands. A trail that runs 498 kilometers (309 mi) from Pieterburen, in the northern part of Groningen, south through the eastern part of the Netherlands to end just south of Maastricht. It was nice to see the Netherlands this way.

Location independent work

In the beginning it was hard to find work or clients who wanted to embark in the location independent work, because almost nobody had heard of the term Digital Nomad. But nowadays with COVID-19 most people are working from home so now everybody knows it is possible. I give Excel workshop online and offline via and make WordPress websites for clients and have my personal blog Through the years I build my own digital nomadic existence.

My relation with Curaçao

I was born in the Caribbean, on our little Curaçao. I love the warm weather and the wind that is always blowing fresh sea air. It is one of my escapes from the European winters. My family still lives there so my ties with the island are still alive. But I always crave for travels, and more than the small island can give, so that is why I live abroad, but visit my island whenever I can, but now as a Digital Nomad.

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Whom to listen to best, then the people who have the experience working with both Digital Nomads as with our local community?

Meet Luigi Scuotto, CEO of ITS Caribbean & Latin America, experienced in the technology field and worldwide experience working with Digital Nomads. Luigi is Italian, but has been a resident of Curaçao for many years.

Jocelyn Pearson, a US citizen living on Curaçao runs The Scholarship System from Curaçao Coworking Pietermaai and has experience as a Digital Nomad and has worked with various Digital Nomads.

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