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Who are the people behind Innovation Ç? An introduction to Gilberto Morishaw.

Let me introduce one of our Innovation Ç team members, mister Gilberto Morishaw. Gilberto was one of the earlier speakers and big supporter of Innovation Ç. This is no surprise, Gilberto is known for his community work and his love for talking. He is involved in so many social projects and can never stop talking about social injustice, which means that once he starts he’s hard to stop! And boy, did I notice. By Andy Kirchner.

To introduce our team members to you, we decided to ask each other 5 questions, to start with and see where it goes from there. Well, with Gilberto you can forget your plans, adjust your seat and join him for a ride. 

Gilberto Morishaw OCAN Representative in Innovation Ç

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What do you love?
  4. What is innovation to you?
  5. Why Innovation Ç?
  6. What’s your favorite quote?

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Gilberto was born on Curaçao, Nabij Vetter, that’s close to Ronde Klip. (I had to look it up too, so don’t be ashamed if you don’t know where that is.) It was the 8th of December 1994 he saw the light where we all were born at that time, Sint Elisabeth Hospital (SEHOS,) and instantly became a “world improver”. (I’m making the ïmprover” up, but that’s what it feels like when you talk to Gilberto.)

Gilberto had just hosted a book club and was as joyous as ever, singing and all. He reminded me that he’s very theatrical, but don’t mistake his joy for not being serious. Gilberto is a politician in the making and has quite some experience to show for it. His young spirit makes him want to do as much as possible, so he can learn all the inside tricks of being a future politician, but he also realizes that he will have to slow down in the future. He feels that by taking on the pressure now, he will be able to handle more and better in the future. 

That’s his strategy, and he’s sticking to it. 

When asked about his favorite things in the world he said: Music. Singing, poetry, people. “You Andy, you are my favorite person in the world.” And talking! He can talk for days, and yes, that is noticeable. On this day his favorite color is yellow, but not ordinary yellow, bright yellow, sort of  orange, but it changes every day. I felt some #commitmentissues, and since he wouldn’t stop talking about it, I quickly moved on to the next topic.

Gilberto considers innovation as the process of creating change and reinventing reality. Unlearning and relearning on a communal level. He went so far to mention healing generational trauma.” And that shows just how much of a socially engaged person this young man is.

Innovation is important work on many different levels. He feels urgency and the time feels more right than ever. Although we both agreed that the time is always ready, when we, personally, are ready. This is where Gilberto and I mostly connected, where I’m more of a grumpy personality, Gilberto’s contentedness with our little interview elaborated in many deep topics, which you might read in his cross interview with me. 

To keep this interview from becoming a bookwork, I quickly asked him for his favorite quote, and again it shows his passion for our society as well as his taste for the dramatic. It’s almost too bad, we didn’t film this interview, or maybe it’s better to not know at all if a tape exists. What is clear to me after interviewing mister Morishaw, that we have many more topics to discuss and that his joy truly comes from the heart.

“Let us not grow weary of doing good for in due time we will reap, if we do not give up.”


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Andy Kirchner is the host of most of our Digital Conferences and one of the early adopters to the Innovation Ç platform. Connect with Andy of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Want to read more? In our next blog post, Gilberto will interview Andy.

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