Pioneers Help Curaçao Innovate

We, Yu Di Korsou, have always been Pioneers. We’ve traveled far and wide to make headlights as successful entrepreneurs, sports superstars, and admired public figures. We fueled the world with energy when it needed it the most, became a regional hub for business, and have developed into a flamboyant destination that any tourist has on top of their bucket list.

Now it’s time to unite our forces to help Curaçao regain its Pioneer status and become an island of prosperity!

By becoming a Pioneer you commit to contributing to the socio-economic advancement of the island and supporting local organizations to become globally relevant.

Curaçao’s Pioneers

Curaçao’s Pioneers is a global talent pool and community consisting of individuals with a connection to Curaçao who want to contribute to the socio-economic advancement of the island and support local organizations and individuals in improving their global competitiveness. As a Pionero, you will be connected to local businesses, projects, and changemakers. You’ll also become part of a vibrant community and get access to free workshops, events, and mentorships.

There are various reasons why you would want to become a Pioneer. Not only is it a great way to give back to your island, it also offers you with the opportunity to reconnect, grow and learn with an unique group of like-minded individuals.

Anybody, regardless of background or experience, is able to become a Pioneer. We will make sure you get matched with projects and opportunities that match your skillset and preference! 

By becoming a Curaçao's Pioneer you will receive opportunities to support local organizations and individuals , however it's totally up to you if you want to work together with a match. You can de-register from the Pioneers at any point by sending an email to without any hard feeilngs.

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The Ministry of Economic Development Curaçao supports the Pioneers and actively requests their support and knowledge in tackle complex challenges our island is faced with.

Curaçao's Prioneer is a an initiative from Innovation Ç - a non-profit organization based in Curaçao with the purpose to support socio-economic development through innovation. Innovation Ç' collective of entrepreneurial creators help facilitate connections between Pioneers and Opportunities. 

Want to become a partner of Curaçao's Pioneers and support the creation of Curaçao's first global talent pool?

Reach out to to start a collaboration.


Your Stewards

Here to ensure your success and help you find the right match

Andrew Kirchner


Andy "The Recycled Pirate" Kirchner is a bold social entrepreneur and coach who helps people break through barriers and find inner peace.

Rianne Cicilia

Rianne Cecilia


Rianne Cecilia is an experienced and kind project manager who makes sure all Pioneers succeed in achieving their goals.

Luuk Weber


Luuk Weber is a passionate innovator who is always available for a good brainstorm or working session to help create an impact.